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Defensive Horse Safety - USFS

Saddle and Pad Fitting Tips

Mountain Biker and  Horse Safety Information -  by BCH Idaho

Hiker and Horse Safety Information -  by BCH Idaho

Back Country Medicine - by Squaw Butte BCH

Link to Leave No Trace and much, much MORE!

Transporting Livestock In Idaho

Information on what paper work is needed to transport - such as health certificates, coggins test, documentation of ownership.      

                    Pamphlet and Transport Form


Horseback Riders


FastFind 210- Personal Beacon Locator

The Fast Find is designed as a direct communication, to the 406 MHz Search and Rescue satellite system, its signal indicates that you are in need of urgent response and assistance. Purchase price ~299 in 2009, however there are no additional charges or fees. All you have to do is register with Cospas-Sarsat organization (search and rescue). There is a 5 year warranty and the batteries last 5 years.

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