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The February 9th meeting was¬† held at Gary and Pat Petersen's barnūüźī.¬† 2625 Val Vista Ct., Meridian at 7 PM.¬† Marty¬† brought some hot mulled wine.¬† Thanks all.

Attended :  SN, CG, KD, GP, PP, GT, CE, NE, MR, MB, BB, AP

Old Business

1. Ridge to Rivers¬†¬†- Jill was not at the meeting and Ann forgot to bring it upūüėé.¬† Jill Mohn is coordinating a work group for a day of trail maintenance with Ridge to Rivers.¬†This would be 3 - 4 hours work¬†for an¬†afternoon¬†in¬†early May.¬†¬† Jill needs to know:¬†¬†

How many people are interested and what would be a good date???

 2. Trail Users Coalition - Scott re-iterated the aspects of the proposed trail user group  Jill Mohn is coordinating for the Idaho Horse Council. This group of all trail users, hikers, bikers, equestrians, will work together either with the land managers or without, but the outcome would help with issues of conflicts of a particular trail or trail system.   Each representative will have one specific trail or area that they are representing.   For instance:  Ann P. and Bonnie Fox are the contacts for Wilson Creek.   Jill is the contact for Ridge to Rivers.    The representatives/contacts will work with the other groups: hikers, mountain bikers, bird watchers, conservationists, etc.  The organization of this is still in progress.

3.  Tin Cup Grant Project -   This project has been put on hold, but Carl will be meeting with the Forest Service in the spring.

4. Re-decking of Thomas Creek bridge in Frank Church Wilderness.  Scott submitted the $5000 grant proposal.  6 people would  fly in from Sun Valley.   The lumber is being supplied by the Forest Service, will be flown in as part of the grant.   The old decking will have to be removed and flown out as part of the project.    

5. Eagle Island Equestrian Skills Trail Project - The Idaho Horse Board has granted $2000 of the $2440.00 requested.   A series of 11 horse obstacles will be built at various locations around the park.    Scott has committed the chapter to assist in building some of the obstacles and a date has been set for the work, April 24th.    The horse board requested we get other horse groups involved  to help build and maintain the obstacles.   In addition, we were asked to install a concrete pad to support a manure  dumpster for the trailer parking lot.  Motions and seconds, and votes were made for the chapter to build and supply the materials for a concrete pad 6 x 8 x 4   concrete pad to be constructed the weekend of April 17.   Donations will be solicited for the materials for the pad as it is not in the grant.  Republic services is donating the dumpster and will pick up and dispose of manure.  Scott also described the obstacles.   

6. Idaho City Bridge Projects and Camp Out Boise National Forest - There are still 3 bridges to rebuild at Banner Ridge area, north of Idaho City,   Scott has suggested we have a combined camp out and bridge building over Memorial Day weekend at Woop-um-Up.  Hank Ray Boise National Forest Contact  

New Business

1.  BCHA  -  The Forest Service rescinded an order allowing e bikes in Tahoe NF.  This was the result of a BCHA lawsuit.  No e bikes will be allowed in the Tahoe NF, as they are motorized.  Scott pointed out that the Dept of the Interior agencies, FS,  NPS, BLM, Fish and Wildlife, has given local managers the discretion to allow E bikes where traditional bike use is allowed.  There was a discussion on whether the chapter should donate more money to BCHA, which would be over and above our regular dues.  The general consensus was we already pay dues, so the chapter will not be donating additional money to BCHA.

2. Misc Discussions - KD described the possible extension of the green belt through Star and Middleton from EISP.  CE discussed the possibility of holding a kids rodeo day for a fundraiser.

3. Ride and Project Schedule for 2021 -  

Keep Alert on BBCHGroupMe and our FB page Boise Back Country Horsemen (BBCH)  for impromptu rides

January -  Wilson Creek  - Done!!!!
February 20 - Diamond Basin, Led by Curt Elton, weather permitting, with all the snow we are getting there may be a lot up there.
March 13 - Succor Creek - 
April 17 - Eagle Island Concrete Pad Installation and Ride
April 24 - Eagle Island Equestrian Skills Trail Project 
May  29  -  31 Memorial Day Weekend Banner City Bridge Project and camp out - Woop - Um- Up, Idaho City.
June 5 -  Saddle up for St. Jude Fundraiser - Cowboy Campground at Legacy Park, Idaho City
July 17 - Petit Lake Camp out, Sawtooth Recreation Area
August 21 - Baker Creek Drainage, Sun Valley
September 18 - TBD
October 9 - TBD
November 13 - TBD
December - Christmas Party????


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