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December 2020


Curtis Elston has filed our annual volunteer hours and dollar value.
Our trail work value was calculated, in the BCHA report, to have a value of $17,430.52.
Work included Dennis and Paula McDermott's trail work at Wilson Creek, the Grand Jean Horse Corral repair coordinated by Craig and Ann Potcher, and the Lamar Creek bridge coordinated by Dennis McDermott and reconnoitered by Gary and Ann Hale. Thank you everyone for making these such successful projects!

Idaho Horse Council Report:
     Jill Mohn is not only one of our Boise BCH members (thank you Jill) but she is also the State Trails Coordinator for the Idaho Horse Council. Jill provided a really good overview of some of the changes we are experiencing throughout the State and especially in Southwest Idaho.
The Wilson Creek area has an active and growing Mt. Bike community that is communicating regularly with the Owyhee District BLM Office in Marsing. They have established a FaceBook page and are actively assisting BLM with trail marking and repairs. Several trails need to be marked as not suitable for downhill bike traffic. Parking can be a real problem since everyone wants to park in the equestrian lot next to the bathroom. Please direct questions and suggestions to Ann Potcher or Bonnie Fox.

In NW Eagle, east of Hwy 16 and West of N. Eagle the BLM is starting a new planning group to discuss recreational use. Brandon and Karen have applied for a position on the planning group.
The NE Eagle area is East of North Eagle Road. A large block of this land is now owned by Avimor and it is mixed with other private BLM and State ownership. The Willow Creek parking has been in bad shape for years; Avimor would like people to get registered with them when using their lands. They have also allowed equestrian parking on the east end of Eyrie Lane 1/2 mile north of the Willow Creek Lot. Brandon Breaux has offered to help coordinate with Avimor regarding planning and access.

In North Boise, Jill Mohn has been and will continue to represent the equestrian community. The primary issue is parking availability in smaller lots. If anyone would like to learn the area or see the trails, contact Jill Mohn to do a ride in the Boise foothills.

A number of folks visited the Stanley Basin throughout the summer. The most significant issue there are hikers encroaching into the equestrian trailhead parking. The camp area at Pettit Lake was overrun with boats or campers this summer as was the Hell Roaring trailhead. It is tough to tie up the horses and mules when there is a car or truck parked in front of the hitching rail. Carl Gates and Mark Ottman (Cache Peak Chapter) will coordinate with the Sawtooth Forest to try and resolve some of these issues in 2021.

The Whoop-Um-Up trail system above Idaho City is recovered from the fire in 2017. Bridges still need construction and the feed bunks at the equestrian camp sites could/should be upgraded to highlines or corrals or a combination. Dennis McDermott has headed up the bridge replacements efforts in the area and is coordinating with Hank Ray at the USFS in Idaho City. 

At Eagle Island, Karen Danley prepared and coordinated an application for a $2440 grant from the Idaho Horse Board to build 11 trail skill obstacles at Eagle Island. Thank you to Karen for her vision, planning and coordination with Idaho State Parks! We are hopeful to get the grant and have funding available by mid-April.

The Idaho State Parks Grant Application period will close on or about January 29. After discussion the Chapter voted to apply for a grant to re-deck the Little Creek Suspension Bridge at the Thomas Creek airstrip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Scott Nichols has started that effort and talked with Idaho Parks grants staff.

If you have suggestions or you want to get involved in planning or supporting the folks who are working to ensure good equestrian access in these areas, please contact them as outlined below.

Wison Creek -- Ann Potcher 208- 861-4477 or  Bonnie Fox 208-880-4776
NW Eagle -- to be determined
NE Eagle and Avimor  -- Brandon Breaux 208-949-1972
Ridge to Rivers & Boise Front -- Jill Mohn 270-823-2873
Whoop-Um-Up Campsite and trails -- Dennis McDermott 208-412-3453
Stanley Basin, Pettit Lake, Hell Roaring -- Carl Gates 208-995-4849 or  Mark Ottman 208-731-5885

FOR OUR 2021 MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS:  Please save and print the 2021 Renewal and send it to Curtis Elton 2906 West Val Vista Meridian Idaho 83642
with a check or money order payable to Boise Back Country Horsemen. 


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