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January 2021


Boise BCH January 11, 2021 Zoom Meeting

Attended :  AP, CG, LE, JM, GP, KD, DS, SN, BB, WB.  Hope I didn't miss anyone.

1. Ridge to Rivers  - Jill Mohn made a motion for BBCH to commit to trail maintenance in the foothills Ridge to Rivers trail system. Scott accepted the motion, Ann and whomever seconded.  This would involve going out with Ridge to Rivers coordinated trail maintenance projects on trails of their choosing.  The projects will be lead by a R to R employee supervising 6 or more people from BBCH.  This would be 3 - 4 hours work in either the morning or afternoon for a couple of days in April and/or May.   Jill needs to know how many people are interested, morning or afternoon, and how many days in April and/or May????   

2. Trail Users Coalition - Jill Mohn is the trails coordinator for the Idaho Horse Council. Jill explained how she is coordinating equestrian representatives to be part of the trails multi user group being formed as the "Trail Coalition of Users".  This group of all trail users, hikers, bikers, equestrians, will work together either with the land managers or without, but the outcome would help with issues of conflicts of a particular trail or trail system.   Each representative will have one specific trail or area that they are representing.   The list of the Treasure Valley trails and the representatives is attached.  For instance:  Ann P. and Bonnie Fox are the contacts for Wilson Creek.   Jill is the contact for Ridge to Rivers.    The representatives/contacts will work with the other groups: hikers, mountain bikers, bird watchers, conservationists, etc.  The organization of this is still in progress, so stay tuned.

3.  Tin Cup Grant Project -  Carl is working on grants with Scott,  Carl described the development of the Tin Cup equestrian campground, which is a  25,600/year grant.  Scott mentioned the grant application needed approval from the Forest Service before it could be submitted.  Scott indicated the Forest Service does not want to support this project.  

4. Re-decking of Thomas Creek bridge in Frank Church Wilderness.  $5000 grant, Scott is coordinating.    6 people would  fly in from Sun Valley.   The lumber is being supplied by the Forest Service, will be flown in as part of the grant.   The old decking will have to be removed and flown out as part of the project.  Scott thinks he got this application in on time.  Stay tuned.

5. Eagle Island Equestrian Skills Trail project - Karen Danley presented to the group  and she will be coordinating the project.  This project is supported by the  City of Eagle,  Eagle Island State Park, Idaho Horse Council.  Scott also presented this at the Idaho Horse Board to obtain a $1500 grant. A series of 11 horse obstacles will be built at various locations around the park.    Scott has committed the chapter to assist in building some of the obstacles and a date has been set for the work, April 24th.    Scott is also working to have some other horse groups involved to help build and maintain the obstacles.   Stay Tuned

6.  Front Country to Back Country program -   Scott tossed around some educational opportunities for later discussion such as possibly coordinating with 4-H horse camp at Cascade Lake and  equestrian swimming fundraising activity at Eagle Island or Lucky Peak.

7. Idaho City Bridge Projects Boise National Forest - There are still 3 bridges to rebuild at Banner Ridge area, north of Idaho City, The first one was rebuilt last summer on Lamar Creek on the Crooked River Trail  Scott has suggested we have a combined camp out and bridge building over Memorial Day weekend at Woop-um-Up.
8. Ada County Trails and Open Spaces minutes can be found online.

9.  Scott suggested we ride the upcoming Sat., Jan 16.  I sent out notices on our GroupMe in messenger and on our FB page which is Boise Back Country Horsemen (BBCH).   We had a great turnout!

11.  Celebration Park Update - Nampa Parks and Recreation will be upgrading the existing camping, entrance road and parking areas of CBP in order to preserve the underlying archeological aspects and prevent erosion.  There should be no changes to existing horse use and trails in the park. 



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